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whipple_baby [userpic]


April 19th, 2010 (02:18 pm)

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So I have to work on getting my priorities straight. I mean, they're straight in my head, in theory. But really, I'm not doing so well. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. So much to do at once, so many things.
The last thing I need right now is a relationship to focus on besides the one with my children. And yet, what do I do. But it's a hell of alot different, we're taking it as slow as we know how. So what do I do next? I called Amy. I'm waiting on the phone call back. Next, get my resumes done and get them out. So...how do I get my resumes? I can do it for free when I go into the city tomorrow. So I will do that. And hand out some while I'm in the city too. Then I have to see a dr. Yay...ugh. It needs to be done. I need out of this rut.

Maybe I should just focus on that much. Thats three things pretty much being done at once. Is that alot? Right now for me, it is. Ok, so phone call, resumes, dr. Resumes do involve three separate things. Thats Tuesday. Fuck. I need to go get the prescription filled too. Ok, enough! No more! I feel so overwhelmed, and yet normally I'm doing so much more than this and it never bothered me. Maybe because I feel so pressured due to deadlines. I hate deadlines. Everyone is pushing, and I feel so squished. But at the same time I need it.

One other thought. When it comes to it (and it will) should I put visits with the kids ahead of working, or should I work around a job so that I can get the kids back that much faster. I feel like I'm losing in a way both ways. FUCK

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Diaper Addiction

July 15th, 2009 (04:18 pm)

I suppose its better then smoking. But Im becoming just as broke over it. Never choose cloth to be cheap. It wont work.

I just bought 4 BGs. I have always wanted to try them, and so here I go. A friend has a bunch she's selling so she's giving me a really freaking good deal. Not that I need them. madison usually wears underwear or goes naked. I guess I can put them to use if she ever goes into daycare.

Yeah, thats a good idea. I can use them for daycare. But if thats the plan.......I need more! Ooh! And they should be pockets, easier for caregivers to use. Yeah, lets go diaper shopping!

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I moved

June 20th, 2009 (09:38 pm)
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Yes, I moved and am now blogging at White Trash in the Suburbs. I still come around here for the communities, but that is the main place I post.

If there is anyone here who is still interested in me posting here, I have no issue cross posting. Just let me know.

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Posting Trot

May 12th, 2009 (01:21 am)

So I had my first lesson tonight, and a ton more firsts that went along with it! I wore breeches for the first time. I trotted for the first time. I posted for the first time. So all in all it was a great first night.
We got there and had no idea what to do. So we asked a few of the girls, and a couple of them helped us out. We found out who our teacher was, I'm sure it was Kate. My tired brain is not working so well. We found out that the payment needed to go into a box. So Nicky decided she had to get cash right then. She left me there after asking if I would tack her horse. Ok. I had help, I wanted to make sure I did this their way. We tacked up Sky, then stood around until 8 waiting. My horse was in class already, so we didn't have to worry about her. My horse was Breeze.
The 7 o'clock class came out and so we went in with Sky, and Nicky was nowhere to be seen. I knew she didn't desert me, so I just started class. I assured the now perturbed teacher that Nicky was coming. She finally showed up, having to drive back to civilization to find an atm and envelopes. She got there, and found her horse, who had been taken back and was starting to get untacked. She eventually joined us in class.
It was a small class, only three riders total. Which is nice. Enough so I don't feel alone in a group, or being the whole focus of the teacher. I learned how to convince Breeze to move forward, although she knew I was green. So once again I had a battle of wills with a horse. But it all worked out, and we got along quite well near the end. I practiced posting while walking, which was odd. The paces were not quite fast enough to post every other one. But once I was told to trot, I got it a few paces in. I even figured out how to post on certain leads, but I have to look at the shoulder first. Nicky was doing great, she looked like she remembered her childhood lessons. Although she was tending to scooch her butt trying to get Sky to move forward. She mentioned on the ride home she knew it was wrong, but she couldnt help herself.
I got the whole idea of putting my weight in my heels. Kate explained it as, if the horse were to disapear I would not fall but just stand there. I could feel it easier after that. I still have a bit of trouble relaxing though.
Overall, it was a great lesson and I learned tons! It was much better then my "first" lesson at CARD. I think the teachers methods just that different (which they are) and I mesh better with Kate then with Kelly. I'm excited about next week!

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I have an awesome boyfriend!

March 1st, 2009 (11:32 pm)
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He bought me another cup! And he paid for it. As in he went into the store, grabbed the correct one, and paid for it. He also got me the Diva Wash! I'm so happy, and not wanting to kill the ferret so much now. Although I still think he needs to go.

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Lars is fucking stupid

February 24th, 2009 (10:28 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off

I am mad, very mad. He ate my cup. My Diva Cup. It was likely my fault, but you know what I dont care. I have been having major stress buildup forever. This just took the cake. And my cup. I paid $35 for that thing, and only used it once. I am so sad. Now I have to pay another $35 for a new one. But I will. Thats how much I liked it.

BTW, Lars is a ferret. He eats rubber/plastic type things. And I am not rich. In fact I ma on welfare currently because Matt is a doorknob and doesnt work. The only work I do at the moment is volunteering, so that in the near future I will have a decent job. So now a $35 Diva Cup turns into a $70 Diva Cup. My life sucks.

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Horses Tomorrow

February 18th, 2009 (09:03 pm)
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current mood: sleepy

So I should probably be in bed. But I think there's a rule about not sleeping for an hour after eating. Or is it swimming? Meh. I don't do enough of either so whatever.
Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 am. This is so I can work for free two hours away at CARD. But it's with horses, so I don't mind. I know I will be tired. I know I will probably fall asleep on the bus ride home. But it's fine.
This will be my fourth week. My first Thursday though. Usually I go on Saturdays. I still will be. But today I just do stable chores, no tacking or grooming. This is gonna be interesting.
I should probably take pics. I need to post some up on my various sites. Does anyone wanna see "my" horses?

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February 17th, 2009 (05:43 pm)

Aiden was such an angel. He got his teeth at 6 months and they came in at a good speed. Well Maddy got her first at 5 months and is now onto her 5th tooth. Well when she falls asleep nursing, she tends to hang on by her bottom jaw, along with the two very crooked teeth. Ouch!
Ok, I realize it was not anyones fault that Aiden's teeth came in slower, or that Madison's teeth came in so quickly, but I wish there was someone to blame.
Otherwise the girl is a champion nurser. She hates bottles, but will take a cup for daddy when I'm gone. I volunteer Saturdays, almost all day, at CARD.ca Great place! She does awesome. Good thing she loves Aiden, otherwise I doubt anyone would put up with this. Aiden is very likely her favorite person. She just lights up when he comes home! I, on the other hand, and just the juice bar. And a cheap one at that. I hand out free drinks to minors.

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Only here can I be weird

February 17th, 2009 (11:19 am)
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I was just browsing menstrual art. If you've never seen it, I can assume you know what it consists of. Interesting, some of it very well done. Some people ask, why not just use red paint. Well then it wouldn't be special, now would it?
I got my Diva Cup last week. Today I got the chance to start using it. I can barely feel it. I guess it must fit good. Although I am a little worried about if I have to empty it in public. How do I rinse it? I guess I'll have to do some more reading.
Also, I feel like I'm abandoning my pads. I made most of them. And they are very nice and comfy. But not so simple as the cup. So what do I do with them? I feel guilty. Whatever. It's cloth. They have no feelings. Unless this is the menstrual version of Toy Story.

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My Pop Tarts

January 28th, 2009 (11:59 am)
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I bought 4 boxes of pop tarts last night. I couldn't decide what to get since everyone wanted something different. I wanted double chocolate and the new strawberry smoothie ones, Aiden wanted raspberry and Matt wanted smores. So I got all four.
Last night after cleaning up we I had a few strawberry ones for a snack. A big snack but they were too good.
This morning I go to get a double chocolate, and they're gone! Matt and Aiden ate them all! But the raspberry and smores were not touched! Assholes! I am so mad. I stayed up late, got up too early, and this does not bode well with a tired me. Gah!
So I called Matt and bitched him out, naturally he tried to pin it on Aiden. "He had one" "But the whole box is empty" "I gave Aiden one" "That means you ate the other 3 packages Matt!" Idiot!

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